CFOs in Hong Kong have witnessed an increased demand for agility and adaptability in integrating technology, identifying optimal resources and in choosing alternative growth trajectories, all in line with enterprise goals for sustainable growth. The compounding challenges come from a variety of external variables including – stagnant economy growth, rising inflation, and fears over further supply chain disruptions in the face of unabating geopolitical tensions.  


Planning for succession and grooming future leaders to herald the next-gen finance transformation is an area that is further complicating the matrix of challenges for CFOs. The senior finance executives and CEOs are on the cusp of making major decisions in identifying growth alternatives and acquiring technology and human resources to keep growing and creating more value. Investing in optimal technology without compromising on the inventory of a largely legacy transformational systems will be the way forward.  


Growth in Q1 2023 is rebounding in Hong Kong, by a recent Fitch report with another estimation of real GDP growth projecting around 3.5% in 2023 – 24, the key catalyst is keeping the growth sustainable is not falling into the technology debt. 


Under-investing or untimely-investing on finance transformation is seen as the major hurdle in returning to value-creation objectives. 


Join Questex’s CFO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2023 and meet over 300+ CFOs and senior finance executives in Hong Kong as the event presents how to avoid the tech-debt trap for enterprises – presenting practical identification and investment scenarios into cost and liquidity management, ERP, regulatory compliance, digital transformation, ESG, risk management, and supply chain management. 


Key Topics Discussed:    


  • Integrating Financial Models to Maximize Accuracy in Predicting Future Cash Positions 

  • Building Resilient BCP: Accessing Strategic Shifts in Cost, Liquidity and Risk Management   

  • Aligning ESG with Business Strategy 

  • Using Transformative AI as Catalyst 

  • Un-siloeing the Data and Finance BI 

  • Finance Digital Transformation Strategy- Capitalizing on Investment Opportunities in the Web3 Era 



Who Should Attend:  


CFOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, GMs, and Senior Managers, involved in:  

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)  

  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting  

  • Costing & Budgeting  

  • Treasury Operations  

  • Project Financing  

  • Accounting  

  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)  

  • Investment / Portfolio Management  

  • Auditing & Internal Control  

  • Tax Governance  

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)  

  • Statutory & Regulatory Reporting  

  • Fiscal Policy Planning  

  • Financial Technology Solutions  

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